Our services

Project sourcing

One of our key services is finding your next project in Norway. Whether you are looking for your first project or ready to expand your business, our local knowledge and expertise allow us to target projects with the greatest likelihood of working with you.

We use our experience to introduce your company to decision makers and provide you with their contact information meaning your sales team can focus on securing these projects helping you save time, resources and money.


We are here to build bridges and assist you in overcoming any challenges you may encounter.

With our understanding of the industry, our team can guide you through safety regulations, labour laws, local customs and translation helping you form a lasting business connection smoothly.

Market Research

We collect vital data to help you understand how your company is perceived and positioned in the Norwegian market. Providing you with accurate and comprehensive data allows you to identify your core customer and industry trends enabling you to make informed, strategic business decisions, fine tune future marketing, resolve challenges and remain competitive.

Business Development

With our regularly updated knowledge of the latest construction projects, our own extensive market research and years of experience we are well placed to target the best opportunities for your companies’ growth. All our services are aimed at adding long-term value to your company through financial growth but also connecting your company with valuable contacts and raising your profile in the local market.

These are our main functions however at Bygg & Anleggspartner we are committed to innovation, continuous learning and growth and so have also successfully supported our customers in many other ways. If you have specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will strive to assist in any way we can.

We also have partners in Accounting, logistics and web design who will be happy to assist with these aspects of your new venture.